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Villa Maina

Villa Maina


P.G.I. Latium Autochthonous

Alcohol content:  13.00 % - 750 ml
Temperature of service:  15°C
Grapes:  Malvasia “Autochthonous” 85% Ottonese “Autochthonous” 15%

Production area

Olevano's vineyards, up the hills South of Rome
Altitude:  400 metres a.s.l.
Location:  Hill
Year of implantation:  1980

Soil type

Medium-textured and relatively loose soil with adequate porosity and drainage

Training system

Guyot, pergola

Grapevine planting density

Malvasia/Ottonese 4,500 vines/hectare


Period of harvest:  October
The winemaking process takes place with separation of solid wastes from the must by static clarfication and subsequent fermentation at controlled temperature. The obtained must is left on its fine lees for a few weeks, with periodic re-suspension of the wine sediment, in order to enrich the compounds deriving from the yeast autolysis which renders the wine full-bodied and complex. Follows the storage inside steel tanks for six months. Bottle aging for 4/6 months.


Colour:  straw yellow.
Perfume:  strong and clear aroma, with fresh fruits and white flowers inkling.
Flavour:  structured and full-bodied, with a lightly acidulous taste persistence.


Perfect with starters, soups, seafood dishes and white meat.