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Cesanese Grape Spirit of Olevano Romano

Alcohol content:  40.00 % - 700 ml
Temperature of service:  8/10°C
Grapes:  Cesanese 100%

Production area

Olevano's vineyards, South of Rome
Altitude:  500 mt. asl
Location:  Hill


Obtained from pomace of home grown Cesanese grapes that are sent to distillation right after must separation.
The handcrafted manufacturing is carried out with a discontinued steam distillation method through which the steam goes through the cavity and warms-up the must inside the copper pot.
At the beginning and end of the distillation cycle, heads and tails are accurately separated, yielding the only heart preserving all the organoleptic characteristics and the specific qualities of the product.


Colour:  Clear white
Perfume:  Exquisite fragrance
Flavour:  Soft taste, heartwarming and embracing. Its typical aftertaste and its good persistence enhance its taste and its characteristics.


Good to sip at the end of a meal, pleasant digestive.